Apple Bans DUI Checkpoint Apps

Apple will ban apps that warn drivers of DUI checkpoints, according to changes in the company's App Store Review Guidelines. [Jalopnik]


    Good! Bloody irresponsible. Should be illegal to have these tools.

    Here's an idea... don't drink and drive! And don't speed! It's surprisingly simple, really.

    I disagree with drinkdriving, but what will Apple ban next. Apple are not the police of the world and have no business trying to force their attitudes on everyone.

      Drink driving isn't an attitude, it's breaking the law. These apps show you how to get around the law to not get caught.

      Apple's 100% in the right here.

      And if you've ever been wiped out by a drunk driver you might change your tune.

      This attitude pisses me off. People did the same thing with Microsoft.

      Noone's forcing anything on you. Apple is providing a service. You are paying for the service. They are exercising their right to provide it any way they like.

      Why don't you try a different service?

    Goodbye trapster

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