Anonymous Hacks Again, Releases Counter-Hacking Manual

Anonymous Hacks Again, Releases Counter-Hacking Manual

With LulzSec out of the picture, bros-in-arms Anonymous has taken up the cause with a hack of their own. This time they’ve released an “anti-cyberterrorism” training file, allegedly published by FEMA. The irony is not lost on us.

ABC News took a look into the ISO and found:

Many documents and links to security and hacking resources that are freely available on the internet.

Lists of FBI bureau addresses throughout the USA.

Stock letters on how to officially request user information from Internet Service Providers and obtain warrants.

Numerous hacking and counter-hacking tools.

And more dumps are probably on the way. Whatever the cause for LulzSec’s retirement, it looks like there’s no reason to expect the hacks to stop anytime soon. [AnonymousIRC via ABC News]