Amaysim Joins The Cap Plan Race, Unlimited National Talk And Text Plus 4GB For $40

Up and coming mobile operator AmaySIM knows that Australians love their cap plans, so has added to its pay-as-you-go offerings with a $40 a month cap plan that looks pretty tough to beat.

For $40 a month you get unlimited national talk, text and MMS, unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, eBay and MySpace, plus 4GB of data to use every month. What's missing is credit for calling 1300, 1800 and international numbers, although if you make a lot of those calls there are better plans on other carriers for you anyway.

Excess data is charged at 5c/MB, or you can add on a GB for $10. Throw in the fact that data can be used for tethering (altough apparently the personal WiFi hotspot doesn't currently work on iOS devices), and this is easily one of the best cap plan deals on the market. So long as you live in an Optus coverage area, of course.




    Would be hard to go over 4gigs if your not tethering.

    Sounds like a good deal.

    Isn't Amaysim just another company of Optus like VirginMobile (Optus bought them I believe)? If that's true then why doesn't Optus offer the same deal?

      because optus is better known. they attract the know nothing clients that don't do any research, and people who want the 'safety' of a 'big company' (its an old people thing)

      and they can get away with charging these... err... morons, what ever they like.

      (ok, that was a bit harsh, but you get the idea)

      Amaysim does use the Optus network but I'm pretty sure they're different companies.

    I'm tempted to try them! Currently I pay Virgin $29/month for only 1GB + $50 credit...

    TPG also uses the Optus network for mobiles and has great month-to-month deals. No contract. Especially if you have TPG broadband too and bundle it. Then i speak to some of my friends that are on $120 pm plans for 24 months and just can't believe it.

    eewwww optus...........enough said

      Then which network do you suggest using Troy??? Vodafone? which is pretty much on par with Optus, Or Teltra which costs a lot more

        I had to go through the TIO to get out of that awful call dropping Optus.

        No other carrier is worthwhile having in Australia except Telstra.

    Is it still the case that on the Optus network they don't allow data and voice at the same time? I setup tethering for a mate late last year only to find data gets interrupted when there is a phone call. They then said this was standard on their network.

      Not true, I use data and voice at the same time

      That's an intermittent issue when you have bad coverage.

      So with Optus it's nearly all the time hahaha.

    They should do what vodafone do and give you $40 of credit for 13 and 18 numbers.

    Am very interested in signing up with amaysim but don't know if I can get coverage in Laidley Qld. Can anyone help please.

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