All The Pictures The FDA Is Going To Put On Cigarette Boxes

All The Pictures The FDA Is Going To Put On Cigarette Boxes

In an effort to curb smoking, cigarette boxes in the US will now come with these graphic images of holes in throats, lumpy tumourish lungs and more. They’re supposed to act as a warning label on the dangers of smoking. Some work better than others.

Come September 2012, smokers will carry one of these nine images like a scarlet letter. Every time they smoke, they’ll see the picture staring right back at them. Which is good in theory. The problem is that some of these new warning labels aren’t really all that effective. Like, not even close.

The cartoon baby looks like a comic book character, the guy wearing an ‘I Quit’ t-shirt looks goofy, the woman crying looks like an actress. I feel nothing from half of these photos. And I don’t think that was the FDA’s intent. True, the lungs and teeth photos are tough to look at but if I wanted to smoke in peace, I’d just buy packs with the non-offensive pictures on them.

I don’t understand why the FDA is lobbing softballs at smokers. It’s not like smokers don’t know smoking is bad for them. The harmless photos don’t really add up to anything. Sure, it’s something but this type of image warning label is fairly common in other countries (or at least a big fat SMOKING KILLS on the box) and those guys never pull the punches. They have diseased pregnant women on their packs for god’s sake! Hit harder next time, FDA. [FDA]

Image: FDA

Does this make you stop smoking?

I hope I never see this pack in real life.

Another pack I hope to never see.

This one’s a fucking joke.

The idea is good, execution a little meh. (No disrespect to the guy)

One of the better (as in grosser) ones.

Not working.

Come on.