Aldi Selling Prepaid 3G Telstra Dongles For $79

If you're looking to get on a Telstra Pre-Paid mobile broadband plan and need a dongle, you might want to check out Aldi. The discount supermarket is offering the basic NextG dongle for $79 from Thursday, which is $20 less than Telstra charges themselves. It includes 5GB of data, but it's sure to sell out quickly, so make sure you get in early. [Aldi via OzBargain via Lifehacker]


    Has anyone found out how long the expiry is on the 5gb of data, cant seem to find that info on their site.

    I pay $25 for 4gig with Blink which is used under the Optus network on a contract..

    Dongle? You mean pocket Wifi modem? :)

    JB have been selling them for $79 for months.

    Wait, after reading the original source, it's the wifi 3g pocket router, which shouldn't be confused as the basic 3g dongle.

    In the telstra catalogue

    The Telstra Prepaid Mobile Wi-Fi has 5Gb included with a 90 day expiry these are $99 from Telstra.

    The new faster version is the Telstra Elite Prepaid Mobile Wi-Fi and is $129 from Telstra

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