AirDrop Is Apple's Simple-As-Pie File Transfer Tool

From the looks of things, OS X is all about refinement: finding the rough edges of personal computing and smoothing them out into a nice polish. One of the roughest edges? Transferring files on your local network. Enter AirDrop.

It's Apple's new visual tool for transferring files over Wi-Fi to and from computers on your local network. You start it up, see a circle of the computers connected to the network you're on, and drag a file onto a machine to send it over. The other computer gets a pop-up asking to confirm the transfer, and off the file goes. Everything automatic. As someone who's in the midst of migrating to a new computer, variously File Sharing, emailing, Dropboxing and flash drive-ing crap back and forth, this is a welcome addition to Lion. Let me AirDrop files to trusted friends on other networks and you've really got something.

Images via Mac Life

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