AARNET Building 100Gbps Network for Australian Research

Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNET) is gearing up for big projects like our continuing bid for Square-Kilometre Array—aka the world’s largest telescope. Most recently, that meant trialling upgrades boosting their optical fibe network to 40Gbps, clearing the way to hit 100Gbps within 12 months.

AARNET told Computerworld that they’ll 100Gbps once Cisco releases new equipment later this year. For now¸ the trial has connected the CSIRO centres in Sydney, at the Parkes Radio Telescope, and the Narrabri Observatory.

Commenting on the trial, CSIRO SKA director, Dr Brian Boyle, said the high bandwidth required for this sort of trial was an example of how Australia's existing infrastructure can support the SKA's goal in a cost-effective manner.

[Computerworld -Thanks Luke!]

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