A 3DS Alarm Clock And Battery Pack With A Buttload Of Speakers

Nyko's new 3DS accessories are both excellent and horrible reminders of the way we live now.

First, a horribly frankensteinian alarm clock/charging dock/speaker system, the Play Dock. If you can dream it, it can be crammed into an alarm clock.

Next, the ill-named "Shock 'n' Rock", which combines a much-needed life-tripling battery pack with four powered speakers and boosted vibration feedback. 3D and it pulverises your hands? This is reality. (There's a speakerless version as well - the Power Grip - but it's obviously not as boomtastic.)

And lastly, Game Boost, a quick snap-on battery pack for extra hour or two of juice.

No prices on any of these, but I'd guess $US40 is a reasonable starting point for all but the Game Boost. [Nyko]

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