12 Views From The Top

12 Views From The Top

Our friends at Oobject.com have put together a collection of spectacular scenes from very high places. Enjoy, just don’t look down!

Acrobats on the edge of the Empire State Building
One of the lesser known pictures by Bettman, who created the classic images of workers having lunch on the girder of a skyscraper, under construction.

Artis Li Wei creates these illusions without photomontage

Chair balancing over the edge

Cigarette on the Chrysler

Iconic monster on iconic tower, 1933
Hollywood at its most iconic, King Kong on the Empire State just after it was built and with the original zeppelin mooring mast.

Lisa Fonssagrives, the worlds first supermodel, on the edge of the Eiffel Tower

Mick Flaherty, an engineer, works on top of the world’s tallest building.

Projectbandaloop skyscraper dance

The Sears Tower Balcony

Dar Robinson jumps off the CN Tower 1980

Travel photographer, Tom Ryaboi, rooftopping

Working on top of the telecoms mast on the Empire State Building

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