You Can Get The Nexus S On Contract For Just $20.50 A Month

You Can Get The Nexus S On Contract For Just $20.50 A Month

The Nexus S is one of the finest Android phones available on the market today, and as tipster Lindsay tells us, Vodafone are practically giving the phone away. You can grab the phone for $0 up front on a 24 month plan paying just $20.50 a month – or a total of $492.

Getting that price involves some creative work on your part, but as Lindsay describes, the value makes it worth it:

First of all, the Nexus S is free on the $29 a month plan. $696 overall. Not a lot of calls or data but we will get to that in a sec.

Vodafone is currently offering a $50 rebate on the phone, so $646 overall or $26.91 a month.
Buckscoop offers an $84 rebate, taking the overall price down to $562 overall or $23.42 a month.

Now if you are an NRMA member you can get another 10% discount (of the original $29 a month) taking it down to $492 over 24 months or $20.50 a month.

I had to call up after I got the phone and get the NRMA discount added then, since you can't add it during the online purchase as you need to follow a specific link with Buckscoop.

The catch, of course, is that you only get $180 worth of talk and text and a paltry 200MB of data included in the price. But if you don't use your phone a lot for talk, you're unlikely to find a better deal for a phone as good as the Nexus S.

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