X-Wing Fighter Is The Awesomerest Of Soapbox Derby Cars

X-Wing Fighter Is The Awesomerest Of Soapbox Derby Cars

Rebels, nerds, that guy in the Vader costume… my friends all – behold the awesome X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car, for it’s amazing and awesome and second to none but the X-Wing rocket. This thing even includes a moving R2D2.

See that Nintendo gamepad? Clicking on A or B moves R2D2’s head to the left and right. No detail has been spared in this car made by The Papier Boy:

For the 2011 Nazareth Adult Soapbox Derby I wanted to design a car that people would like and made me feel heroic. So I decided I would model it after one of the most important vehicles of our nation’s history: the T-65 X-wing fighter.

Yes, Mr The Papier Boy, indeed you much have felt heroic, even if you didn’t get to blow the Death Star while ignoring your targeting computer. Because I’m sure that, given the circumstances, you would have blown the Death Star to smithereens just throwing your custom-made helmet at it. That’s the kind of genius you are.

I bow to your mighty abilities. [Instructable]