Would You Sacrifice Mobile Data GBs For A Throttled Plan?

With Telstra's announcement overnight that it is building the infrastructure to kill off bill shock by throttling users' mobile data speeds once they'd exceeded their monthly allowance, we've started wondering if maybe there isn't a place for both plans.

Think about it - some people are power users who chew through the gigabytes like they're salted peanuts. For them, the prospect of throttled speeds could be detrimental to their work performance. Maybe they'd prefer to get a big bill at the end of the month, so long as they knew their work was done well.

Likewise, maybe users are prepared to sign up for fewer gigabytes for the knowledge that once they've used them up, there's nothing more to pay.

Let us know what situation you think would work best for you in the poll below.

Would You Sacrifice Mobile Data GBs For Speed Throttling?customer surveys

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