Would You Rather Use An Origami Laptop Or A Tablet?

Considering netbooks are as dead as the dust that lines your windowsills, you've really got two choices when buying a portable computer: a laptop or a tablet. The teeny MacBook Air has tried inserting itself between the two, but for those of us who prefer a full-sized screen, Niels van Hoof's Feno laptop concept could be the answer.

Well, if it were more than pixels on our screens, that is. The designer suggests flexible OLEDs could be used on laptops so they could fold up in three, making them smaller and lighter than before. I like how it's still wide enough to slide a CD in, and that there's also room for a little pop-out mouse. It'll never get turned into a real product of course, but it's nice to dream isn't it? [Niels van Hoof via Yanko]

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