Woman Accidentally Shoots Washing Machine, Floods House

Woman Accidentally Shoots Washing Machine, Floods House

This is a story of love gone wrong, people gone crazy, and guns gone firing. A woman and her ‘future ex-husband’ got into an argument over getting back together and suddenly went all guns a-blazing on each other.

Amazingly, the only thing seriously damaged was a washing machine, which was shot multiple times, flooding the house. So. What the hell happened?

According to the woman from St Lucie County, Florida, after disagreeing with her hubby on whether or not to get back together, “he ‘went crazy’ and started shooting indoors. She said he was firing close to her and thought he was trying to scare her. She said blood on her legs came from “the bullets hitting the washing machine and the metal shards hitting her.”

This could be reasonable, of course, but the woman said she also was shooting with her husband and when asked to write a sworn statement said, “I’ll try my best but I’m drunk.” The husband’s story is that the woman was doing target practice with an AR-15 inside the house (and according to the report, they have done this before) and missed her target, hitting the water line of the washing machine instead.

But as crazy as that all sounds, they were barely moved. Ten minutes after hearing gunshots, a neighbour saw the husband grilling in the driveway. And after the police arrived and took down their statements, the wife walked away saying a ride was going to pick her up. Just another day in the life, I guess. I’m not even sure who to blame anymore. [TC Palm]

Image via Diego Cervo/Shutterstock