Why You Should Never Post Your Mum's Photo On A Message Board

The internet is a cruel place. We're all pretty well caught up on that by now, yes? More so, anyhow, than this unfortunate LSU Tigers fan, who asked a message board at Tigerdroppings to fix up a picture of his blessed mum. You can probably guess what happened next.

The torrent of Photoshops and gifs was unrelenting; everything from the Mona Lisa to Austin Powers to *SIGH* adult film posters. You can wade through the full thing here - or just the highlight reel here - and hey, if you're feeling ambitious, add your own. But know, too, that it's not all digital harassment. Here's the mum's picture, made tastefully pretty by our own Joe Brown:

You're welcome, unsavvy message board poster! [Tigerdroppings via Uproxxx]

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