When You're Banned From The Internet, Don't Log Into Facebook In The Apple Store Next To A Local Sheriff

It's only natural that a criminal who's banned from using the Internet is going to log on the first chance they get. But if you're going to violate probation, you probably shouldn't do so in public. Next to a sheriff.

Such was the case when San Luis Obispo detectives allegedly spotted Robert McGuire, a convicted sex offender, walking into an Apple Store. As McGuire started using one of the display computers to log on to Facebook, one of the sheriffs followed him and used a computer right next to him. The sheriff pulled up McGuire's file on the Megan's Law website to be sure that he was in fact "prohibited from using the Internet."

McGuire was arrested outside the store and is being held without bail. Guess he won't be tweeting this one. [The Tribune via Yahoo! News]

Image credit: Shutterstock

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