When Will Australia See The New Google Goodies?

Google made a lot of announcements on the first day of its IO event in the US today, including the exciting Google Music service, Ice Cream Sandwich Android update and [email protected] But when will we see them in Australia?

Gus over at Lifehacker has taken an educated guess at the Australian rollout of the new Google services. It's well worth reading his reasoning why, but he thinks we'll see Google Music as the service scales up over time, we should see Ice Cream Sandwich some time around Q4 this year (or early next year) and we'll almost positively never see the movie renting option due to local licensing deals.

Personally, I just hope this stuff arrives soon, especially Google Music. Having an online backup of all my tunes would be welcome security.




    Google Music - Probably never

    I don't think I'll hold my breath on anything from the Google IO coming to Australia.

    We're just not a big enough market for them to be that worried about getting the latest tech to us. *sigh*

    New Goodies? I'm still waiting for the old ones!

    Where is Australia's Google Voice?

    Youtube's movies pages is in Australia-but as you said no rentals (only 3 pages of free movies).

    I'm guessing google music is now available here. just received an email from google moments ago saying i'm invited.

    The new galaxy phones need google music to run to full capacity. It must come, it has to come, otherwise why sell the phones here. It's been two weeks and I'm still waiting for it to happen. Please all hope it does.

    Why can't Google (they are in the communication industry) simply make an official statement about when Australia will get Music & play for tablets, etc, it would put to rest all these guesses.

    If you just want Google Music as a means of storing your music in the cloud, that's easy. They only time Google checks your location is when you sign up. So get a US VPN, sign up, then upload away. Easy! I've been using it for 6 months or so :-)

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