What’s Really Inside iTunes Legal Terms

What’s Really Inside iTunes Legal Terms

Come on, we all do it. A new iTunes update comes trickling into our computer and we’re prompted with the comically massive iTunes Terms and Conditions and just clickity click our lives away without even reading. But what’s really inside it?

CNN contacted two digital media attorneys about the iTunes terms and conditions and asked them to go through it and find out what we’re agreeing to and what we’re giving up. But this is what they found:

Overall, the two lawyers said that none of the terms really surprised them, and that customers do not have much to worry about. But Grossman and Handel said that there are three clauses that users should be mindful of

The three terms regard Genius, cause Apple can peak at your play history, Loss of Purchases, because there’s no leeway if you end up damaging the product, and Licensing, which means when we buy the product we’re licensing the ability to play the music and not own the music.

So why the hell is it so long? The lawyers suggest it’s because the record labels want their content protected so Apple has to make it that long. Either way, I’m still not going to read them because both lawyers admitted to not reading them either. If it doesn’t scare a lawyer, it doesn’t scare me! [CNN]

Image Credit: Dino.uk