What People Look Like When Their Plane Is About To Crash

One of the engines of an Airbus A330 caught on fire while it was in the air. The passengers saw fire, smelled smoke, and thought they were going down. This is what the people on the plane looked like.

Beiwharta, a Reuters photographer, happened to be on the plane. And after a slight moment of fear and panic (his family was with him), his photag instincts kicked in and he started taking pictures. Hell, even though he had a Canon 5D Mark II that could record video, all he could remember to do was take pictures. His gallery is amazing. Some people are calm, some praying, and some on the verge of tears.

Luckily, the plane was re-routed back to Singapore (where it took off from) and eventually made a safe landing on the tarmac. The fire was extinguished, and the people shuffled out. It's a terrifying story, and well worth a read. [Reuters via The Atlantic Wire]

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