What Kind Of Bag Can A Guy Carry?

The Awl's exposé on the various types of man bags raises some interesting questions: What type of bag should a man carry? How did you decide on your particular bag? Are they all just man-purses?

As for me, I walk to work and bring my laptop and various gadgetries with me so a bag is an absolute must. I alternate between using a snazzy backpack and a Nike messenger bag (that's really not meant for laptops) for my trips. I figured I'm not suity enough for a briefcase nor boss enough to go bag less. And after taking a quick scan of the room, it looks like most of the Giz guys are carrying some form of messenger bag/satchel blend too. What do you guys use?

Read the whole post over at The Awl to find out what your type of bag means. They cover satchels, totes, briefcases, messenger bags, envelopes, duffels and more. And be sure to let us know what type of bag you carry and what's inside in the comments. If you don't have to carry a bag around, I envy you. [The Awl]

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