What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Now the network is live on the mainland, what’s been happening this week in NBNville?

• A report found that mobile broadband can cost up to 1,333 times that of fixed line broadband. Crazy! Even with the cost of rolling out the NBN, it’s still going to be cheaper than paying for wireless when it comes to the end user’s monthly bills. [Gizmodo]

• I had a bit of a rant about how the NBN needs to communicate its message now. Sure, it didn’t have anything to do with the actual rollout of the network, but you should read it anyway [Gizmodo]

• German scientists broke the world record for data speeds over a single strand of fibre – 26 terabits per second. It led to a few more stories this week… [Gizmodo]

• …Like the fact NBN Co thought it was a brilliant justification for its own existence… [Gizmodo]

• … And radio commentator Alan Jones showing his ignorance about technology when he confused the research and tried to use it as a hammer to beat down the NBN, even though he was inadvertently showing the NBN’s strengths. [News and Gizmodo]

• NBN Co has set up a panel of recruiters to hire up to 1000 new staff members over the next 12 months. Anyone want a job? [ITWire]

• Internode top dog Simon Hackett has been shouting that the NBN’s curent pricing module is going to bring regional broadband pricing to city users, instead of the other way around like it’s supposed to be. But despite being a critic of the pricing, he still wants the NBN to roll out. [ZDNet]

• It seems NBN Co is putting some dodgy clauses in its wholesale agreements that prevent ISPs from criticising or attributing fault to NBN Co. The network operator says its to investigate the issue before the customer is informed. Sounds like a big grey area that will need some clarification going forward. [ITNews]

• Want to get your home ready for the day your suburb is added to the NBN? APC has a pretty good guide to preparing your home for the incoming fibre. [APC]

• Understandably, Telstra’s a bit reluctant to drop heaps of cash on copper in new estates while it waits for NBNCo to roll out across the country, which means builders are having to wear some extra costs. Which they’re not happy about, obviously. [Australian IT]

• The Internet creates 2.6 jobs for every 1 lost offline, according to a new report. That makes countries who invest in new internet infrastructure are going to be well placed financially in the future. Yay Australia! [Gizmodo]