What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Considering it was budget week, there was always going to be some NBN news this week. But it wasn’t the only story – not by a long shot.

• Telstra has finally started improving ADSL2+ services in parts of Tasmania, which is a bit weird given that the NBN is rolling out and ADSL2+ is an almost-obsolete technology. But you can bet Telstra are pushing those 24 month contracts! [SMH]

• There’s an IT skills shortage, and that’s going to hurt the NBN. Industry groups want the government to solve the problem longterm. For the NBN. And for Australia. Sing it with me now: “Australians all let us rejoice!”… And so on. [Australian IT]

• You want accountability? You got accountability – NBNCo now has to appear before a government committee at least twice a year, starting next Monday. Leading the committee is none other than Independent MP Rob Oakeshott, which means the first meeting will probably go so long that they’ll only need two each year. [NineMSN]

• $18.2 billion. That’s the amount the government committed to injecting into the NBN over the next fur years, according to this week’s budget. Next financial year will consist of $3.1 billion of that. Given how big a job it is, I don’t think taxpayers will even notice it missing. [Government News]

• Mum and Dad investors can help fund the NBN through government bonds. If I didn’t have a mortgage and a kid to feed, I’d totally be investing! [SMH]

• Google’s started sponsoring the University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES), which is researching the apps and services that we can use on superfast FTTH broadband. Hopefully a Google Music Australian launch is one of their findings. [ITWire]

• Tony Abbott continued his tirade against the NBN, with the tedious calls for a cost benefit analysis. Tony, saying something over and over and over doesn’t make it true. [Computerworld]