Wearable Computer For When You're Being Shot At

Get that MacBook Air outta here! We're in a WAR ZONE, kid! There's no time for trackpads and USB and little spinning beach balls. So, here, put on this camo vest that also has a computer inside it. Get some.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology's Modular Tactical System spreads a PC's guts across your torso, modular-style. Controller resting in the backplate, a flip-down LCD in the front, and a 128GB SSD and Atom processor crammed somewhere in there. You won't be playing games on it, but it might give you a tactical edge - provided you've got some kind of connectivity in the field. Just don't start playing Peggle during a mortar strike.

BDAT plans to bring the vest to regular, non-rifle-holding consumers, too. Definitely recommended for first dates.[BDAT via MobileMag]

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