Water Purification Plant For An Entire Town. In A Box.

Water Purification Plant For An Entire Town. In A Box.

The tornado that deleted Joplin, Missouri, left thousands homeless and without access to basic necessities like potable water. The PureSafe First Response Water Systems is a full water purification plant on wheels that could provide water for the entire town.

The First Response unit is a 7m, fully enclosed, weatherproof trailer housing everything necessary to pump, disinfect and dispense up to 114,000 litres of water a day; that’s enough for roughly 45,000 people. (Joplin’s population is around 50,000.) It is towed to the site or, if the roads are out, can be airlifted in via helicopter. The entire system is powered by a 75 kW diesel generator with a 250-gallon fuel supply (about 72 hours of continuous operation).

This system removes any and all contaminants (other than radiation), which means you can pull water from anywhere – fire hydrants, lakes, swimming pools, even the ocean. The output varies depending on the water source, but the First Response can dispense 30,000 gallons per day from freshwater, 22,500 GPD from brackish and 15,000 GPD from seawater.

Inbound water is subjected to particle strainers, chlorine injection, three Nexsand multimedia tanks (which remove large suspended solids and fine sand), two Centaur Carbon media tanks (which removes organic material), three 25/1 gradient filters (for super fine silts), and is treated with an anti-scalant and bio-inhibitor. Then it goes to the Reverse Osmosis Unit where virtually everything not made exclusively of Hydrogen and Oxygen is removed. The water is further sterilised with high intensity UV light and passes through three one-micron filters before being treated with either chlorine or ozone. Once it’s clean, the First Response will automatically produce 1500 half-litre bags of water an hour.

The system sets up in 30 minutes and can be run even by completely untrained civilians. The entire process is integrated and almost fully automatic, controlled through a simple touchscreen interface.

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