Wanna Wear A $US8000 Tank On Your Wrist?

The Azimuth SP-1 Landship watch is... conspicuous. In fact, it's built to resemble a primitive WWI tank! So, it may not be a fancy golden Cartier affair, but if you're into the tough-as-nails look, (and are rich!), it may tempt.

It's not the easier watch to read - the minutes and hours are separated into two slivery "turrets", only viewable from the side. But the thing's a mechanical beauty - titanium body, Swiss guts and water-resistant up to 30m. Rubber straps seem like kind of a cop-out on a watch that'll run you eight grand - but maybe it's there to emulate tank treads? At any rate, here's another striking looking thing none of us can afford. [CrunchGear via aBlogtoRead]

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