Vodafone Upgrades PrePaid Plans For 'Infinite' Calls, Text and Social Networking

Vodafone has decided it wants its prepaid customers to spend more time on their phones. It's just announced a new prepaid plan called "Vodafone All-Time", that offers unlimited calls to Vodafone and 3 customers, unlimited text and unlimited access to social network sites.

There are two options available with the new structure, a $35 recharge and a $55 recharge, with the more expensive including unlimited calls to all standard Australian numbers as opposed to only being free between 7pm and 7am on the cheaper plan, and including 1GB of data compared to the 250MB included with the $35 option. Both options have 30 day expiries.

So, who's on board?


    The first plan isn't that great lets face it, it will only really start being effective during weekends. Also, 250MB is pretty low.

    Unlimited access to network drop-outs and dead spots!

      Vodaphone is the network choice for foreverAlone - never needs to call anyone so doesnt worry about not being able to :)

    These deals sound good if you have friends and family that also use Vodafone or 3 Mobile. I am a bit confused about the Vodafone network though. I've read that in rural and regional areas Vodafone uses its own mobile phone towers, while in the major cities it rents the Optus towers. However, I've also read that since Vodafone and 3 Mobile joined together, 3 Mobile's deal with Telstra BigPond and its towers has also come into play. 3 Mobile used to use its own towers in metro locations, but referred to Telstra towers in regional areas. So, if I'm with Vodafone, will I have access to all the towers in Australia? And if so, in what capacity? Is it all 3G, partly 2G, the new 4G network, or Telstra's NextG network? Or, is it a mix and match of all these technologies? I also wonder what advantage a pre-paid plan has if the data runs out after 30 days. Isn't that the same as a month-to-month post-paid plan anyway?

      Jesse VHA and Telstra had a joint agreement for some 3G towers, this agreement is expiring in 2012 and is not being renewed. This agreement also did not include the Telstra Next G Towers.

    Sounds great, but with vodafones coverage problems it still won't do much good...
    They said they'd void my bill for the next 3 months when I was switching to telstra, my reply: I can't make calls without coverage... That shut them up pretty fast xD


    What you've said is only partially accurate. Vodafone and Optus dont share all infrastructure, only some. Generally (in an area like mine) its shared, purely because the terrain doesnt favor more towers and extra placement would limit this.
    I'm in a regional area, where its very hilly so tower sharing does occur. Vodafone uses their own infrastructure (towers and all) for themselves, they partially use some CBD towers (or as I've said in areas that are unfavorable). Vodafone has their own 850mhz towers being added atm, which will eventually replace the 2100mhz frequency theyre currently using (as is optus). So a Vodafone customer would have access to Vodafone, Vodafone's EDGE service. 3 Uses 3 towers (which are a shared medium with telstra 2100mhz) Vodafone 2G and Telstra 2G. Nothing else. there are deviations of this, but as ive said generally its restricted to smaller areas.

    Wow that's an awesome offer! Most of my friends are either with Three or Voda, so no worries there! Would switch to Prepaid most likely after my plan is over (in a month or two I think)

    Looks like a very competitive offer and great to see the social networking offer making its way into the prepaid range for Vodafone.

    Please build a proper base station before u do any promotional ads

    Shame they dropped data rate to 250mb for data and text plan on $30 recharge, last month it was 500mb???

      It still is 500mb loool

    Normally use $29 prepaid and never had problem.I bought $35 so called unlimited on 8 July and it has run out of credit today.I am not an excessive user.Anyone else experience this?

    the $35 deal it not that good i have got it and my credit just started to run out with me not even using my phone

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