Vodafone Service Woes Cause 96 Per Cent Increase In TIO Complaints

Vodafone's well publicised network problems kept the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman busy over the first quarter of this year, with a new report showing that the Telco had a 96 per cent increase in the number of complaints about its network over the previous quarter.

Over the three months from January to March 2011, the TIO received 14,670 new complaints about Vodafone services, an increase of 96 per cent from the previous quarter. New complaints against Vodafone were highest in January 2011, with some decrease recorded in February and then March 2011. New complaints against most large service providers also increased.

The good news is that the number of complaints have been decreasing since January, although that could be influenced by customers leaving the telco altogether as well as Vodafone fixing some of its problems.


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