Trucker's Arse Blown Up Like Balloon In Air Hose Accident

It's a hard life, being a trucker - weeks without seeing your family; roadside diners; roadside naps; accidents that end up with your bum being pierced by the nose of a compressed air hose, and your body pumped with air...

The unlucky trucker, Steven McCormack of New Zealand, was standing on his rig's foot plate when he fell onto the compressed air hose which normally powers the brakes. He immediately started "blowing up like a football" and was unable to remove himself - but thankfully before enough air pumped into his body and exploded him from within, workmates rushed to his aid and released the safety valve, cutting off the air supply.

Now resting up in hospital, McCormack is lucky to be alive as the air hadn't yet entered his bloodstream, though it did separate the fat from the muscle in his body. If there's a lesson to be learned here at all, it's probably to always carry a pin in your pocket, in case popping is the only way out. [CBS]

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