Tourists Can Now Dangle Precariously From CN Tower

Tourists Can Now Dangle Precariously From CN Tower

This is not going to end well. The CN Tower, which stretches 116 stories above the Toronto skyline, its “main pod” hovering there like some sort of malevolent spacecraft, will now invite tourists to stroll around its perimeter. There will be no fences, no ledges, no plexiglass walls. NOTHING, in fact, standing between you and a 365m plunge – save for the janky, sure-to-malfunction cable that binds your harness to an overhead railing.

And what about the poor, innocent pedestrians down below? The ones who didn’t pay $US175 to poop their jumpsuits while gasping for oxygen and enjoying the views of Toronto suburbs? They’ll probably feel nothing, I suppose, when they’re instantly taken out by a falling shoe or dislodged icicle. Plunging ice daggers, they say, are the most efficient of all killing machines.

Canada, man. Crazier and crazier. [EdgeWalk CN Tower]

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