Thor Press Kit Causes Bomb Scare In Bus Terminal

Thor Press Kit Causes Bomb Scare In Bus Terminal

A briefcase-shaped press kit touting Acura’s product placement in the film Thor caused a bomb scare and evacuation at a bus station in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, after a writer for buff book Automobile tossed it in a dumpster. What’s so scary about a press kit?

According to our source at Automobile, the press kit was placed into the recycling bin outside their office, which abuts the bus terminal, but never picked up (probably because it isn’t recyclable). Someone saw the mysterious package and called the police, who then evacuated the area around the bus terminal.

The Michigan State Police bomb squad was then sent onto the scene where they discovered that, instead of a package designed to kill people, it was just designed to bore them.

Because we got one of these press kits ourselves and managed to hold onto it without causing a metropolitan area to go on lock down, we’ve included some photos of the release.

To the credit of someone who may have seen it, it does have images of people running away from bombs, some strange jars, and the word “Detonate” and “Dead” on it a few times. It’s supposed to be a portable test to see if you’re up to being a SHIELD agent. Guess this person failed.

At least now Acura knows Automobile got the press kit before throwing it away.