This Super Soaker Uses Magazines To Reload

My Super Soaker of yore wouldn't stand a chance against this beast of a weapon. Called the Thunderstorm, this new Super Soaker only costs $US15 (cheap enough to dual-wield) and is battery-powered for automatic shooting (which requires no pumping).

But perhaps most awesomely, it uses magazines to reload itself. That way you just fill up back-up magazines so you always have enough firepower. More power is more domination. [Nerf via Ars Technica]


    oh god do want

      I thought water pistols were frowned upon in Australia in this day and age because of the water shortage (government cock up) and all.........

    I'll get a couple just for the dual weilding.

    Looks bloody awesome!

    I got one for last Christmas just for fun. Once I saw the magazine I couldnt not get one. So much fun and works pretty well, however the range isnt great. like a lot of battery powered nerf guns and water guns when you pull the trigger it takes a short time to pressurise and start shooting.

    Also they are compatible with all the Nerf addons like stocks and sights.

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