These New Video Basketball Cards Make Me Yearn For The Simpler Days Of My Youth

I used to collect basketball cards as a kid and if I was still a kid, I'd probably go apeshit for these new cards that can play 20 minutes of video highlights. But are they even basketball cards anymore?

Though they're made from cardboard, they're bigger and thicker than your everyday card. The screen takes up 2/3rds of one side and will show clips of the player, along with music and voiceovers. Even more, the cards come with 2 gigs for storage and a charger—yep, a charger—to juice it all up. That's a far cry from the technology of yore like refractors, protective film and bubblegum. These things are pre-programmed USB sticks with a screen fancying themselves as collector items.

But still, imagine you're a kid and you pull one of these video cards of your favourite player. That'd still be pretty damn fun. Ah, life is so much simpler as a kid. [LA Times]

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