These Chef Sleeves Are Like Kitchen Condoms For Your iPad

Whenever I cook, I always look at my iPad and curse myself for treating that damn slab of glass like some Duchess of Cambridge. I can't help it! I don't want it to get dirty and grimy so I don't use the iPad whilst cooking, which is, well, dumb of me because the iPad can be so useful with recipes and apps. I either need to stop being a sissy or find a kitchen condom of sorts to wrap up my iPad.

Oh thank god for these Chef Sleeves then! They're like big Ziploc bags designed to fit your iPad perfectly, the Chef Sleeves are resealable, reusable and moisture-resistant so things can get crazy in the kitchen, as they tend to do, and your iPad will still be around and in working order. $US20 for 25 sleeves. [Chef Sleeve via Wired]

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