There'll Be No New E-Ink Displays For eReaders This Year

eReaders are as good as they'll get for now - at least, in regards to the displays used in them, as E Ink (the company which supplies displays to Amazon and Barnes & Noble) told CNET not to expect anything this year.

Sri Peruvemba, the vice president of global sales and marketing at E Ink, told CNET "we're generally on a two-year cycle with our e-ink technology", and that the only change we should expect to see in eReaders this year is faster processors, and quicker refresh rate of the E Ink Pearl displays. Next year is when the fun and games - literally - will start, as the panels are expected to be capable of running video.

This is only bad news for those who wanted a fancy new ereader this year - if you were hankering after a Kindle tablet with a colour E Ink LCD screen, well, you may be in luck there. [CNET]

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