There Are Glaciers In This Museum. Kind Of.

You don't have to go all the way to the Arctic to explore its massive and silently beautiful glaciers. Instead, you can visit High Arctic, an exhibition in London's National Maritime Museum.

These stylised icy replicas were based on Lego models to ensure accuracy in how the light would catch and bounce off the art. Visitors can explore the space—which is fitted with 10 ceiling-mounted cameras and 10 projectors—using ultraviolet flashlights. High Arctic projects what our North Pole will look like 100 years in the future, and demonstrates how our planet's glaciers will slowly vanish in time.

Matt Clark—co-founder of United Visual Artists (, the group responsible for creating the exhibition—came up with the idea after a three-week expedition to the Arctic. [Wired UK]

Image credit: National Maritime Museum

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