The Windows Phone 7 Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

The Windows Phone 7 Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

Windows Phone 7 is home to many beautiful apps but which ones are the best? We got ’em all for you right here.


Apict: One of those simple ‘instant’ camera apps that inject your smartphone pics with a little bit of character and a whole lot of style. You can even caption the pictures with marker text. $1.30[imgclear]

Thumba Photo Editor : A super solid photo editor for your pictures. There’s more than 60 adjustments and effects, along with the basic crop, rotate, flip, and resize. Basically, it can transform your crappy pics into amateur photag status. $1.30[imgclear]

Fantasia Painter: An awesome painting app that comes with 12 brushes and a ton of effects. You can start from a blank slate or add some artsy effects to your photos. You’ll be surprised at how well you can paint. $1.30[imgclear]

Cocktail Flow: A beautifully visual app that helps you fix yourself a drink. You can load your virtual bar with the types of alcohol you have on hand and watch it spit out a list of cocktails you can make right away or you can go to the ‘Shopping’ section to get a rough estimate of what you need for more recipes. Lovely for any drinker. $4

AlphaJax: One of those Scrabble-clones that are insanely fun to play to prove how well versed you are in vocabulary and strategic you can be with your tile placement. It even tracks your stats and see who’s the top player. $4[imgclear]

TuneIn Radio: Lets your Windows Phone device tap into thousands of FM & AM stations. For me, it’s a great way to listen to 2DayFM and miss home a little less. For you maybe it’s ABC702. Free.

4th & Mayor: The ultimate foursquare app for Windows Phone 7. It utilises the ‘metro’ styling for a great layout and does everything you want a Foursquare app to do: check-in, peep photos and comment. Free. [imgclear]

Krashlander: A simple but fun game where you control a skier to knock down robots. A little Angry Birds-ish, but that’s a total compliment. The app’s graphics and animation are great too. Free, with ads or $1.70

Satalaunch: The goal of the game is to create the perfect trajectory to make a satellite hit its destination. Loads of fun trying to collect as many stars as you can while avoiding the obstacles. Free.[imgclear]

None. In fact we want more Windows Phone 7 apps to add to our list. Let us know which apps you guys can't live without in the comments.

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