The Week’s Best Android Apps

The Week’s Best Android Apps

Viewdle Social Camera: Social Camera is a camera app that’s made specifically for uploading and tagging photos to your social networks. It’s super simple, you flip open the app and choose whether to take a picture or choose a picture from your photo roll. When you snap your shot, Social Camera presents a wheel with options to share the picture to Facebook, Flickr, e-mail, or MMS. What really shines about Social Camera is that it lets you tag the people in the photo. This is especially great because Viewdle has developed facial recognition technology that’ll eventually start associating names to your friend’s faces, which makes tagging way easier. Your own personal Facebook camera. Free.[imgclear]

Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera already has a live streaming app available for Android, but a new full featured Al Jazeera English app has hit the Android Market and includes all the content from the website, breaking news alerts, free live video of their broadcast and the ability to send your media to Al Jazeera. Free.[imgclear]

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball: Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball app has finally made its way into the Android Market-just a month and a half late. You can manage your lineup, track matchups, get real-time scoring updates, and more. Free.[imgclear]

Contract Killer: It’s such a simple game: you’re a sniper and you get Grand Theft Auto type assignments where you’re ordered to kill bad guys. There’s 17 story missions and unlimited random missions where you can shoot off 20 different guns. I’m having a lot of fun trying to get the perfect headshot as fast as I can. Best part is it’s free.[imgclear]

Catch Notes: Now supporting Honeycomb, Catch lets you jot down the thoughts, ideas, text, voice, images, and locations you need. For Honeycomb, it comes with unique features like fragments, action bar, an enhanced note editor and more. Free.[imgclear]

Bird Hunt: It’s a live wallpaper that also doubles up as a ‘video game’. Bird Hunt is an ode to the classic Duck Hunt, it uses 8-bit graphics to bring back that nostalgia and lets you shoot down birds by tapping the screen. Childhood memories are great. $0.93