The Week’s Best Android Apps

The Week’s Best Android Apps

Friday: Basically, every single thing you’ve done on your phone since you bought it can be recalled. It’s the sort of trickery which should not be shown to your partner, but if you can’t remember if you phoned your mum last Mother’s Day, or if you sent that email to your boss last week, it can drag the phone’s memory and tell you. All sorts of stats can be brought up on what you’ve done with your phone since it was first switched on, but just be careful that the little details don’t turn you crazy. Free.

Clap Phone Finder: A super clever idea, it’s an app that rings your phone when you clap your hands. So if you forgot where you put your phone, you just clap your hands together and it’ll sound off. It’s a little buggy at the moment, but the potential usefulness is off the charts. $0.93

Nano Panda: It’s a cute cartoony puzzle game that lets you control tiny pandas to kill off the evil bad guys. You have to be wary of the physics of the game, but once you get used to it you’ll run into a lot of challenges that you find super addicting. $0.90

Cartoon Network: You can watch full episodes of your favourite Cartoon Network shows and peep the schedule too. There’s also a ton of clips to zoom through, as well. One thing though, the video quality isn’t as good as it should be. Free.[imgclear]

Tweetcomb: Tweetcomb is a twitter app that’s made for Honeycomb tablets. Hell, the look and feel of the app fits right in. It uses a column layout to add more versatility, has background updates, notifications and all that other good stuff you use Twitter for. Well worth a try since it’s now free.