The Turtle Pen Is Possibly The Only Interesting Pen

Pens! Pens! PENS! Excited? No, of course not, because when was the last time a pen was remotely interesting? Here's a nice exception to the rule: Turtle's "SNAPback" pens expose their tips with a pistol-like cocking action (so much innuendo!)

The next time you want to write a thank you note or some hate mail, just pull back on the pen's casing, and out shoot's the nib. Turtle's decision to call the extended nib a "turtle head" is highly questionable, but hey - it looks pretty neat, though we can't make any claims as to how well the thing writes. Also, I would be lying if I didn't admit to posting this at least partially as an excuse to include this video.

[Turtle via Uncrate]

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