The Men In Black Tell Will Smith His Trailer Must Go

The balls on Will Smith, to park a 350m double-decker trailer right in New York's Soho for the filming of Men in Black III! It's even worse when you find out he rents an apartment a short walk away.

Thankfully, Mayor Bloomberg told Columbia Pictures they had to move the 16m long trailer away, though it appears his second trailer (I'm not even joking - he uses it as his personal gym, apparently) is staying put.

Smith is paying $US9000 a week in rent for his main trailer, which has marble floors, a lounge (with a bar), bedroom, kitchen, a movie room with 100-inch screen, granite bathroom, and even offices "for his assistants and writing staff". Writing staff?!

It should come as no surprise that a trailer of this size was named "The Heat" by Smith. [NY Post and AP via Gawker]

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