The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

Is the shine of your new iPad 2 gone yet? Hope not! An app from our list of best iPad apps should make it brand new all over again. Which apps were the best in April? Here they are.[imgclear]


NBA Jam: I was gonna have to go Ron Artest on EA if they bungled the iPad port of this classic, but thankfully they’ve turned out a excellent, faithful update of the original. “He’s on fire.” “Boomshakalaka.” Big head mode. It’s all there waiting for you. $12.99.[imgclear]

Qwiki: It’s like a visual Wikipedia. Which is to say it’s a super pretty way to learn stuff. How so? Instead of delivering information in text and hyperlinks, Qwiki provides a narrative to the topics you search for with an audio commentary and relevant images. Free.[imgclear]

VinylLove : VinylLove for iPad is a music app that beautifully mimics a record player. You can thumb through alphabetised crates of records (the songs on your library), move the needle (to fast forward) and even hear the digitally added slight crackle and pops. There’s a history to that mp3! $5.99.[imgclear]

Crackle: From Sony, Crackle gives you free streaming of big time TV shows like Seinfeld and Married with Childen and movies like The Da Vinci Code and Stranger than Fiction. Selection isn’t huge but it’s free! Free.[imgclear]

iCab Mobile Web Browser: The Safari browser is great and all but iCab has a lot more features, like full screen mode and tabs. And tabbed browsing on the iPad is absolutely necessary. $2.49[imgclear]


Atomic Web Browser: Still a really great browser with a ton of features but we prefer the look of iCab over Atomic.

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