The Best Gadgets (So Far)

The Best Gadgets (So Far)

A new month is upon us! Warmth! Fresh air! Smiling children! Tax refunds! Flowers! And plenty of gadgets to crave – here’s our newest of the best of the Bestmodo.


Best Android Tablet: The Motorola Xoom feels unfinished in places, but there’s no denying it’s fast as hell and beautiful.

Best Netbook: Do our eyes deceive us? Do we actually give any semblance of a crap about a netback? We’re just as shocked! But the HP Pavilion dm1’s got AMD’s Fusion guts, meaning you can actually watch 1080p video. You know, useful things.

Best Weatherproof Kindle Case Case Logic Water Resistant Kindle Sleeve will serve you well at sea, on the beach, or in the tub.


Best Android Tablet Nook Color, we like you, but you were really just a stand-in until a decent replacement walked into the room.

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