The Architectural Equivalent Of A Spiral-Cut Glazed Ham

Why bother with stairs and cutbacks when you've got ramps like these! Our friends at have 18 examples of these spectacular spiralling inclines.

Andalucia S Museum of Memory

The spiral ramp at BMW Welt in Munch. Designed by the once uber trendy Architecture firm, COOP Himmelblau, this project is not their best.

City Hall Staircase - London Norman Foster building for London's Mayor

Cocoon HQ - near Zurich

Fiat Lingotto Factory - Turin The Lingottto factory is an overlooked wonder of the world, full of stunning structural concrete, such as this spiral ramp and, of course, the racetrack on the roof.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Possibly the most famous spiral in modern architecture

Freyssinet S Pleasure - Tower for the 1937 Paris Exhibition Freyssinet built some of France's most interesting structures so this bizarre piece could have been a reality. A half mile high skyscraper with a spiral ramp for cars to ascend.

Hanoi Museum

Lubetkin S Penguin Pool A modernist classic at London Zoo. Penguins look modernist, I guess.

Parking garage - Berlin

Parking garage - Brisbane, Australia

Parking spiral from Concrete Quarterly

Reichstag Spiral To celebrate a new openness and democracy, Norman Foster's renovation of the Berlin parliament is topped with a transparent spiral viewing gallery.

Spiral Ramp - Corvair Aeronautics A classic building by Pereira Luckman and one of the many iconic modern architecture images by Julius Schulman

Spiral Ramp - Woking, England Like the head of a shepherd's staff.

Tatlin's Tower

The Bicycle Apple Cycle Garage A multi-storey bicycle garage in the Netherlands.

Vatican Museum Staircase The spaced treads make this famous staircase more like a ramp.

Looking for more delicious architecture? Try these beautiful spiral and floating staircases, or these helter skelters.

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