Tactical Sandwich Lives (Almost) Forever

In this post-rapture world, you need food. ThinkGeek's Tactical Sammich will last up to two years in your emergency kit (or pantry) and tastes way better than human flesh. It comes in two flavours, and costs a mere $US6.

Now look. Let's just be frank. This thing probably tastes like crap. Any Sandwich that's good for two years isn't fresh off of Thomas Keller's deli counter, word? But this isn't about flavour. It's about survival. Or at least a survival joke. It's about a sandwich that you can set aside on a sunny day and crack open years later, when all the world is dying around you, and remember that glorious time. It's about planning ahead. It's about looking forward, in the face of adversity and terror and starvation and the terrible smell of burning human flesh and doing a nasty little jig as you crack open the wrapper on your sandwich. And eat it. And eat it. And look at the cat. And wish you had another. And cry. And cry. And cry. [via Uncrate]

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