Sword-Wielding Skateboarder Gets Tased By The Cops

Poor Deandre Irby! Dude was just trying to enjoy the day like any young person would - hanging out at the outdoor mall, skating around with his backpack on, maybe think about getting a pretzel and oh, swinging his 'fantasy sword' with a 26-inch blade around. What the hell?

That's how the police describe the sword Irby was carrying around. They said that when arrived on scene, Irby tried to flee and hide his sword in the dumpster but couldn't do it in time. When caught, he refused to cooperate with them and "attempted to grab his sword", which resulted it him getting tased. Ouch. Unfortunately, Irby didn't have a concealed weapons permit to carry his sword (which begs the question, who the hell has a concealed weapons permit for a sword?) so he's been charged with that. Next time, leave the sword at home dude. You'll have a much better day that way. [Press Citizen via Fark]

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