Swiss Maniac Leaps From Helicopter, Jetpacks At 300km/h

Well! Here's something that will make you feel like a tremendous coward. Not only is flight enthusiast "Jetman" Yves Rossy unafraid to strap on a giant winged jetpack, he flew across the Grand Canyon with it. Very, very quickly.

The stunt came in multiple stages - first off, a reasonable hop out of a chopper, 2400m above the Arizona turf. Then, the four-motor jetpack kicked in, sending Rossy screaming across the canyon at a beard-peeling 300km/h. And then, to cap it all off, a parachute ride down to the canyon's bottom. That's three modes of transportation, all requiring guts the magnitude of which I will never possess the half of. So here's to you, Jetman. You goddamn, winged lunatic - you're incredible. [PopSci]

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