Shooting Challenge: 5 Relaxing Shots

Shooting Challenge: 5 Relaxing Shots

We asked for relaxation in this week’s shooting challenge, and five DSLR-wielding Giz readers delivered. There’s earth, fire, wind, water… and lots of heart. (GO PLANET!!) Click through to see them all.


Hasara Fernando

To me, my cat is one of the most relaxed things I know. I felt this photo showed her when she’s most relaxed: about to fall asleep and purring.

Camera settings: Nikon D60, 35 mm, f/3.2, 1/40 sec, ISO-1600


Michelle Swan

Watching water run is very relaxing, this photo was taken of Jounama Creek near Talbingo NSW – one of our favourite places to go for relaxation.

The technicals for this one are Nikon D50, f20 aperture and a ,62 second exposure.


Mitch Swan

What is there to say, I find watching fish relaxing.

This was taken at the Melbourne aquarium. I have to admit the aquarium itself is a very touristy place and not relaxing but if I could watch these fish for hours on my own.

Canon 600d, nifty fifty, f2.0, 1/60, ISO 800.


Simon Chiu

I caught my gf with my iPad (again) snuggling up for a good read (A Game Of Thrones) with a cup of tea on a chilly winter Sunday afternoon in front of the fireplace and a view of the tranquil forest outside. She was so entranced by the story that she hardly moved at all, so I decided to see if I can capture a high definition range panoramic shot.

The photo was taken with a 2 week old Canon EOS 60D on a tripod with the standard 18mm-55mm lens, manual focus, f/14 aperture, base exposure time of 3.2 seconds, ISO 100 and no flash. Four additional identical shots were taken via the auto bracketing exposure mode, with higher (up to 8 sec) and lower shutter speeds each time. This is to piece together the HDR image. Process was repeated four times to stitch up the panoramic scene. Post processing included a bit of colour correction as up to five different light sources were present (halogen, LED, fluorescent, daylight and fire), minor localised brightening and sharpening.

We hope you like it!


William Paiva

This is easy: no other place’s better to relax than a Buddhist temple; Sit down in front of a font and clear your mind, especially if is your birthday’s morning celebration.
Is a temple 20km near from São Paulo [BRA] , called Zulai Temple, is in the top of a “not so high” mountain, but always keep a good view from nature.

tech facts:

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T1i
basic 17/55mm @ 34mm
Speed: 1/350
Ap: f/5.6
ISO 200