Screenstagram Finally Made Me Change My Screensaver

Screenstagram Finally Made Me Change My Screensaver

I rarely change my screensaver. Once upon a time I had the AfterDark’s Flying Toasters in a Mac and Electropaint in my SGI Indy and Octane. Later I went from Flurry to iTunes Artwork on Mac OS X. And that’s about it.

Today is a special day because I’ve changed my LCD saviour to Screenstagram – a screensaver that plugs into the newly released Instagram API. It’s quite simple to install and use:

1. Go to the Barbarian Group page and download it (only available for Mac OS X at this time).

2. Double click on the screensaver file.

3. Activate it. If you don’t authenticate your Instagram account, the screensaver will grab images from the most popular hipster and dickhead photos in the stream. If you authenticate, it will grab them from your own hipstery dickhead stream as well as your hipster and dickhead feeds. I logged in.

That’s all. Now, whenever I stop working, Screenstagram will kick off showing me all those pseudo-vintage moments that I love so much. Fortunately, this will not last long, as the world ends today.

It’s a great screensaver with only one problem: When you log in, it will not only show your photos and those of the people you follow, but also other random shots. I don’t have a clue where they are coming from and I don’t want to come. I only know that the assclown with the open mouth is not my friend. The assclown with the closed mouth, however, it’s me. Barbarian Group, please fix this problem, because this bug in your completely free beautiful software is annoying me! And while you are at it, please add an option to not display the names of the people. It’s a lot better not to know.