Samsung Galaxy S II Hitting Telstra This Month?

The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most anticipated Android smartphones on the roadmap, yet so far there hasn't really been any word on when it will be coming to Australia. Until now.

Telstra dealer Telefirm has a page on its website offering email pre-orders for the Gingerbread-powered smartphone, with the announcement that Telstra is planning to offer the phone from the end of May.

There's no pricing information on the site, which isn't too surprising given that we haven't heard a peep about the phone from Telstra yet. But if the end of May launch date is accurate, expect to hear more about this phone soon.

[Telefirm - Thanks Alexei!]



    Can't wait!! Does anyone know if the Australian version will have NFC?

      The information on the telstra page is quite confusing because the dimension says 8.5mm and when you check the features section it says NFC is optional. In real the SGS II with NFC is 8.9mm.

    I have been waiting for this phone to come out since mid March, stuck with my failing N95 in anticipation. I'm with Optus and really hoping they'll bring it out soon, Telstra are a rip and only good for their extra reception. I'm hoping it'll be around $59 a month, but it'll probably be more like 79

    "There’s no pricing information on the site"

    Err... What about the $999 price, just below the pic?

      That's probably the outright price. There's no mention of how much it will cost on contract and what plans are available.

    Buy on-line from the UK, why:
    1) no wait - can be delivered SGS2 next week.
    2) no VAT
    3) Cheaper, even if you include UK tax
    4) no Aussie carrier bloatware
    5) 24 month warrantee.
    6) UK unbranded Androids seem to get Android OS updates quicker (Aussie carries do not give a damn)

    Only downside is that you can not take it to an Aussie Samsung Repair Center if needed.

    $999 is a rip-off. It is better to buy phones outright and not on contract becase of the carrier built-in rip-offs and the short product lifecycle of smart phones.

      @David : warranty is not worldwide, only limited to UK. So if something stuffs up, you need to ship it back to the UK.

    I'm sure it'll come out on Vodaphone. I can see Telstra offering this on a $99/month plan, which is a damn rip-off in my opinion.

    Better off just picking one up from expansys, mobicity or gsmnation really...

    I asked optus about it via twitter and they said they could not reveal information at this time.

    Buying online from amazon UK, would be about $750 with postage, compared to the $999 here. No warranties or insurance or anything, though.

    My Telstra Enterprise and Government rep checked his 3 month road map yesterday and told me "the phone is not listed"...

    Then again, he's not going to break an exclusive to me I suppose...

    I'm waiting on one that I bought from the UK, from Handtec.
    The total cost was a few cents over $695, shipping *included*. Tracking info seems to indicate it'll be in my hand by middle of next week.

    I want is sooooooo much...

    I was already to purchase from uk, until I found out there was no NFC with it.

    is there any with NFC about or do we have to wait for the aus stock?

      there are Memory Cards available with NFC built in. and also u can get a battery just a little larger then the original with NFC built in aswell. i think thats why it has the flimsy battery cover.

    I want to know what they have in terms of region locking?
    What's stopping people getting a phone from the UK which has it now, and bringing it over here where it's not available for two weeks?
    Also it's $330 cheaper over there...

    buying from the UK will probably result in the phone not working on the NextG network.

    Better to have it on NextG as you get what you pay for, they are a tad dearer but there reception craps all over Vodafone, etc.

    The Galaxy S II phone supports HSPA+ at 850Mhz which is NextG. So european purchases of this phone will work perfectly on Telstra.

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