Reporting Lost Shopping Trolleys? There's A Web App For That...

Woolworths has decided to take the fight against trolley theft and misuse to the world of apps, by launching a web app that lets users report lost or stolen trolleys location using their smartphones. So, who's going to use it?

Users who report trolleys go in the running to win a monthly $1,000 reward, so there is something in it for the end user, but it does seem like this app would probably be out of place on most people's devices. The app uses the mobile's GPS function to send the precise location of the trolley to Woolies so they can dispatch a collection crew.

More concerning is that you need to register on the app by giving Woolworths your mobile phone number in order to use the app.

Is the slight chance of winning $1000 enough to persuade you to give Woolworths your phone number? Especially when you have to be proactive in reporting missing shopping trolleys to even be in the running?


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